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S3T Koncepts is one of the best & leading interior design companies in Dubai. We offers complete projects solution for residential and commercial interior fit outs. In addition we offer exhibition stand design, joinery solution, retails fit out designs, hotel interior designs, hospitality interior designs.


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You should try to adjust these ideas in your home to make your home more elegant and give proper space for the mandir. Detailed and beautiful mandir in the home gives proper vibes of home. There are some ideas that you could add to your home. Let’s get started. With the ideas. 


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Hotel interior design - Dubai

Hotel interior design - Dubai

This luxury hotel interior was designed by S3tkoncepts. S3tkoncepts has the Best Hotel Interior Designers In Dubai With Knowledge Of Arts And crafts, Paintings.Visit to know more about S3tkoncepts.


Office interior - an action plan to boom Workmanship!

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The office is sort of a second home to the individuals who are working there. It's the place which earns them some wealth. It's usually often handled as a centre of worship which brings them the goodness of living. 


As you know indoor layout: a new present-day manner of defining your fame and ambience is in wonderful demand!

It has risen as funding rather than a cost. It's a want for a client's interest whether or not a residence, clinic, office or lodge! 


Why would an office require indoors design?


Every workplace is precise and one of a kind! It can rely on customers or employees. Interior design performs the first-rate position to draw the clients and enhance the final results of employees:


  • The workplace needs suitable lighting for a better focus. The employee needs a better imaginative and precise vision for all writing and online work.

  • The interior texture and shiny colours also entice the customer to deal over and over. 

  • The furniture installation creates a massive impact on a worker's activeness.

  • Some props and software stuff design the class of the ambience.

  • Some fundamental issues of inactive workers can be modified. An automatic espresso maker, for instance, is an extraordinary desire to preserve employees' lives. 

  • The indoors set up consistent with the no. of employees and space is of maximum significance. A work desk and the chair are the predominant requirements in an office. The kind of furniture that's most suitable for work ought to be the best. 

  • The canteen vicinity of an office plays an equally important role. Therefore, it needs to be designed for the aim of higher employee interaction.


Consequently, workplace indoors layout is a call for necessity! But, these alternatives of choice convey up what conclusion?


Beneficial effects of interior design in office


  • The employee feels encouraged to work sincerely. One would never miss any meeting again.

  • Better working means better sales and hence greater satisfaction.


So, those are the essential consequences of workplace interior design.


Some of the basic features that an office require :


  1. Excellent software 

Since most of the work is operated through technology, computers and individual software has become a major source of data and work. 


  1. Lighting 

The lights should be according to the standard of comfort and place. 


  1.  Office furniture 

The furniture should be chosen as per the comfort and  activeness of the employees. Also, some extra chairs or work desk along with pens is a must requirement for customers. 


  1. Structured space

Some official places need particular space for each employee. Thus, it is of utmost importance during the interior design. 


  1. A Shelf

Well, a shelf will help the company to store and arrange important documents well. It can also be used for decoration to attract customers. 


  1. Basic health facilities 

Water and sanitation facilities are the most common sources of health in an office. One needs a clean hygienic place to work actively. 


So, these basic props and facts are important to be taken into account! 

 S3TKoncepts is among the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai. Their interior design is so famous around the region which offers them a reputable standard within the marketplace. Consequently, it's far popularly referred to as the best office interior design


Trending features of hotel interior modernizing

3 min read

Home or hotel attraction is mandatory in both places for guests or customers to stay over and have a comfortable feeling. Now days make over is so hype from humans to things is going on. So with such hospitality of creativity hotels started to makeover their interior to attract the customer and have feels like home. This makeover takes up interior designing or modernizing the hotel design fuelled up with some creativity keeping in mind to retain originality and avoid being too catchy.

Interior Architecture

Architecture is the design and plan of the structure that enlighten the souls of the visitors. More of the hotels are focused over different styles of architecture which reflect the history or modern life. For example it may be like storytelling, based on local area themes or shaping the guests image to say a victorian architect model, contemporary family cozy.

Color and texture

Colors reflect the emotions of the persons. So it is important to make sure the color combination over the hotel lobby and rooms. And the interior things painting and drawing must be in contrast with the colors. Texture of drawing over leaving the bedroom and entrance should attract the traveler's attention.  

Art of Light

Light is a necessary factor to enhance the natural beauty.  Lightning has a significant impact and should be taken care of properly for the lobby and rooms in hotels to attract the travelers. Lobby is designed with a wide variety of art-light with use of pendants, rock crystals and overhead chandeliers. The room should be provided with natural lightning and with high contrast color that reflects the bright light to enhance the charm of the room. This keeps the visual art more appealing, aesthetic and fascinating.

Decor and furnishing

When people are traveling, they have more time to explore the senses and comfortness. So keeping eye on decoration and furniture plays a major in interior designing. As decoration points out to be with artifacts that coordinate with color, texture of the surrounding and they should reflect the culture and tradition of the local area. Furnishing is majorly important as it comes with customer attraction from lobby till the room the furnishing and its texture impacts the customer comfort. The furniture shouble with best cushions, space and designing.

Spa like bathroom features

Bathrooms stopped being perceived as luxury in order to expand living areas at home. Obviously the travelers expect more than home in resorts such as spa features with temporary luxury. Make sure en-suite bathrooms with waterfall showers,over-sized bathtubs, beauty items, necessity requirements and plenty of space.

Bedroom furnitures

The primary purpose of hotel rooms is to sleep and relax. So it is necessary to take care of it properly with a king sized bed with good mattress, blackout curtains and no noise. With air conditioning obviously.

Sometimes hotel management think that taking up interior management is one way communication and wastage of money, avoid confusion and risk of money instead opt for the services from  S3TKoncepts interior designing company in dubai which provide best services and helps hotel owners in creating new identity and strengthening business strategies.


Important Elements Involved In the Process of Interior Design

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From beginning to end, there are more than a few important phases involved in the designing process of an area. An expert interior designer utilizes their experience and expertise to analytically follow all the main phases to complete the project on given time and within decided budget. Here are some essential stages to be followed whilst doing work on any designing project:

Concept Development:

In the concept development stage, the thoughts are laid out in the type of sketches. The idea in mind is demonstrated with the assistance of basic website plans, rough sections, simple elevations and floor-plans. Whilst preparing the concept, making codes as well as requirements of zoning are also noticed. The sketches even comprise dimensions to get an estimated project’s cost estimation. This stage is marked to iterations as the design must meet the vision of client and spatial workplace’s requirements. Later than, recurrent meetings with customer and revisions, a design are decided. If you want to make all things perfect then you should take help from interiors design Dubai, as they are best in their field.


Throughout this phase, the customer brief is collected, including their needs, time frame and budget for the project. After knowing the brief of clients, the spatial needs of different office facilities, together with reception, workstation, conference room, cafeteria and some other spaces are examined. The designer wants to think about different factors, together with the number of tenants in the space, general intention of the space and even the needs of fixtures, furnishing, HVAC and lighting for each specific area. Whilst requirement to design a place of work that meets expectations of clients and functional space aspects, the Turnkey interiors Dubai performs robust investigation, frequent website visits and surveys.

Design Development:

The proper design which is finalized in the idea of development phase is further formed in this phase. The sections, floor plans, and elevations are formed with precise dimensions. More notably, added details, together with doors and windows location, material, color, selection of finishes, furniture, etc are even included in the process of design. The concluding design is then offered to the customer and their support is taken.

Construction Documentation:

It is a precondition set of documents which comprises all details of the design with suitable specifications that are very important in executing any project of interior design. Whilst getting ready documentation of construction, the synchronization of different restraints, together with, electrical, mechanical, architectural, structural, lighting, etc are continually confirmed for collision. The documents of construction inclusive of all specifications and drawings are accepted by the customer and the structure cost is estimated.


On the construction documents basis, the workplace’s construction begins. Whilst the creation moves on, the professional interior designer wants to visit the website for regular supervision. He wants to modest that the construction taking position on the website is in observance with the design plan in the set of construction paper. Under their administration, the project is finished.

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Important Tips about office fit outs

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Renovating or re-modeling an office structure can be somewhat very tiring. Not just that, you will even bare momentous financial promises while getting your plan and complete activity of fit out. So, it is good to use fit out and office build contractors to get the whole thing exactly correct. On the other hand, as the owner of business, still there are so many important things you want to consider.

At start, you must be capable to describe a clear vision and a forceful plan for your work place renovation. The renovation plan must be in conformity to the type of business that you have. Like, in case you are concerned in the fitness centre and gym business, then you would need to come up with a viable design of gym for your fit out processes.

You have to be very understandable on three things of the project: cost, quality and time. In case you hire a retail fit out dubai company, then you need to convey your tolerances and constraints to the particular company thus they can come up with the very effective plan for your business.

Apart from this, you have to confirm that the plans are very precise; also to the stage of the location of the emergency exit doors, fire extinguishers and some other important parts of the office’s building. The setting of the business unambiguous machinery and equipment (gym tools, printers etc.) must even be incorporated on the complete plan.

Once it comes to the space allocation within the building of your office, a comprehensive space planning and design want to be finished first. You should even bear in mind the size of body and the height of your workers as well.

Some other essential parts are the arrangement of lighting as well as the office’s interior design. The arrangement of lighting is especially essential while setting up a retail outlet as an outstanding retail fit out dubai company could assist to attract clients in your business. On the other hand, when you plan to hire the service of professional fit out company, you should be aware of their reputation. They must have sound record of successful completed project. To confirm their reliability you can check their reviews posted by earlier clients and if they are satisfactory you can hire their service.

You can use multicolored paint and some other attractive visual patterns that might assist to make your retail opening be noticeable from the remaining stores in your nearby area. Selecting the best style and color for the walls, the partitions and the doors is very essential in an interior of retail outlet. The type of office space that you have would show the type of products that you are selling. The fixtures and furniture within the store should even be well-thought of as these types of things play an essential role in the process of design your store. So make a positive plan and start the process of designing your retail outlet. 

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Why should I hire the interior designer for my office?

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Considering how interior design of office improves aesthetics of a space and enhances the productivity of the employee, the requirement of expert fit out companies in Dubai cannot be ignored. Whether you wish to design a space of new office or want to change the existing one, the complete process comprises a considerable investment. Thus, to confirm you get high worth for your investment, it is good to allocate this essential work to the specialists in the field. It is really significant that you should look for the help form a professional office fit out company which can help to get the perfect as well as the most professional look.

Thinking about renovating an office without any expert help increases the possibilities of committing expensive mistakes. As perfect interior designing very much depends on the visualization’s art, there are possibilities that the workplace does not become way that you have imagined it. Under that situation, it will either mean negotiation on and look of office and even spend more money in redecorating the specific space. In contrast, an expert interior designer supported by industry experience, knowledge and expertise will make more knowledgeable decisions, thus keeping away from costly faults.

Searching expert help in designing fit out companies in Dubai would even assist in keeping away from poor buying decisions. Like, you buy office furniture just to experience later that never fit in available space, or it has a limited life. They would even prepare precise construction credentials sets that would remove the possibility of indecent specifications. It would even assist you to cut down selection of quality from the vast accessible choices, in conditions of office furniture, accessories, and lighting fixtures, and more.

One more advantage is that you get customized solutions, particularly designed taking care of your budget and needs. The design specialists will confirm that the workplace is not just aesthetically agreeable but practical too. The design of office will reverberate with the key goals of the company. With his massive knowledge in the field of interior designing, he can offer you an innumerable of choices that you would not have measured otherwise. Even, the professional designer get its personal catalogues collection that opens up many varying options, together with floorings options, assets with corporate branding, wall textures and  colour schemes.

More significantly, a professional interior designer even has knowledge regarding architectural, structural elements and MEP of space. This information offers him an additional benefit to design a workplace that is in observance of the building codes.

Office designing is a difficult task. Hiring experts spare you from an unnecessary headache, hassle and involved research in the complete process. You will only need to relax, sit back and take the decisions while your design would become reality. So, a firm with dedicated design services will combine its creativity, expertise and experience to give you with the most lucrative solution which improves the looks of specific area.

Some other helpful resource that you may use is a recommendation from friends and family. In case you have any family or friends who could have sought such types of useful services earlier, they could just recommend you to the most excellent companies and thus easing you the pressures of having to keep looking to no reward.

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