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Does Color Is Essential In Interior Design?

3 min read

This is one of the main things the interior designer learn is color. They know the nature, name and the science of the colors. Now, this is the bit that seems like obvious information about why people need designers and why color is important.


If you want to get help in designing your place you can take assistance from interior design companies in Dubai. From that, you will get nice ideas and it would help you too. However, the color does not more that make your room look pretty. It affects the mood and the state of mind. Every color invokes various emotions for the viewers, and this is the reason that brands pay attention to the color of their properties and logo. 

What is the importance of color in interior design? 

Color can make or break your space. Choosing a perfect color for a facility’s space is an essential aspect of interior design. If your company even hire an interior designer, it's necessary to get to know the basics of colors. Color is an international visual language that is understood by all so when you are trying to transmit or communicate something through the designs. There is no other good way to do it than through color. Before choosing the colour, you need to understand how color behaves, and how they change their character and influenced our mood.


Ofter time the color can be divided into two categories: cool and warm tones. The warm color tone includes yellow, orange and energizes a space. Whereas cool colors like green, blue and purple, that generally use for a relaxing atmosphere. If you have to choose the color for flooring, and wall then it is essential to keep the main of space in mind. If the space is made for the energetic goal then the color should be warm, space and exhilarating tones which is might consider. The best office design interior company in Dubai can explain to you better the importance of color. 

Psychology of Colors for Interior Design

The interior designs are the art of the interior designer that combines the persona’s personality with preferences and color. The process of the interior designer is like that, they use the black canvas on which we fill the colors and add the nuances of woodwork, glass, and ceramics. They bring them all together to make a logical and natural flow in commercial and residential properties. 

Moreover, the interior design is largely focused on the creativity, we as a customer need to see the implications of the color schemes the interior designer use. The color psychology is a theory of how each color affects a person’s mood, creativity, cognitive function, and productivity. It is based on the scientific effects of the various hues of every colors of spectrum, on the human briain. 

Final thoughts 

These are the points that prove that color is essential in interior design. If you want to do a renovation or build your home, then you can take help from  interior design companies in Dubai. They have nice service and ideas for their clients.


Do Not Settle For Less Than The Best Interior Fit Out Solutions in Dubai

3 min read

More than appeal, Interior design is about efficiency and comfort. As you do not frequently change the interiors, it is extremely important to take a wise decision. Once and for all. Amid the contemporary luxury of Dubai, if you are planning to blend in, you need the best Interior Fit Out Solutions in Dubai.

Since you are going to spend most of your time in the house, you cannot afford to go easy with the interiors. Interiors that create an ambience and lead to comfort. It is more of a necessity to find the Perfect Fit solutions in Dubai that are compatible with your budget, understand your lifestyle and needs. Although, time is the last attribute that we look upon as this is a once and for all arrangement we seek. 

Do not lay back even if the process is tedious. Do the groundwork so that you do not have to suffer afterwards. 

Tips For Picking The Best Interior Fit Out Solutions in Dubai

With an array of promising interior design companies in Dubai, how do you come to know your ideal choice?


Here is the roadmap for you… 

  1. Look For The Experience 

Search for the best players in town and check their past records. Make sure the interior fit-out companies you pick, have at least a decade of experience shaping projects in Dubai. Plus, scrutinize their websites for their previous accomplishments. Also, go through clients’ testimonials for assurance. As there is nothing more accurate than word of mouth.      

  1. Seek Accreditation 

Ask them about their accreditation certificate. Certain unscrupulous businesses claim to have the certificate even if they do not. It is always recommended to check the resource, politely enquiring about their credentials and certifications. Prevent yourself who are not confident.    

  1. Liability Insurance 

Often underestimated liability insurance is important if you are looking for an interior design company in Dubai. Liability insurance protects against potential losses including damage to certain parts of the property. Infact, this benefits the beneficiary and interior design company equally.     

  1. Shortlist The Choices

Make a list of 3-5 potential players you think are a perfect choice for your upcoming project. Make final scrutiny to get to the most suitable option. So far you have done your homework. Now is the time to convey your requirements and ask for a quotation. 

  1. Keep An Open Mind

While you convey your requirements keep an open mind and eyes to their ideas. The best interior design company often comes up with efficient ideas along with the benefits of implementing their solutions. By knowing their ideas, you will come to know their expertise. Plus this gives you a chance to explore the possibilities. 

  1. Safety Measures 

While you convey your requirement and seek solutions, inquire about their health and safety measures. Ask these businesses about their safety protocols. What they do for the security of their workers. Fit-out arrangements require working with various tools and equipment. The only way to avoid misfortune is to figure out the danger and make our preparations to avoid that. 

Close The Deal - Conclusion 

With the groundwork you have done, it is easier to shoot a bullseye and get the best Interior Fit Out Solutions in Dubai. Fit-out is not a daily task, you will feel your decision (wise or unwise) every moment you are within the premise.   


Elementary Retail Fit-Out Mistakes To Avoid

3 min read

Synchronizing with the current needs of a retail brand, Fit Out Companies in Dubai are all into revamping your outlet with a strategic and attractive interior. Strategic because a retail outlet should own more than enough space for inventory plus an energetic ambience to make people visit the premise often. This is what every shop owner aims for. 

As a result of miscalculation or in the run for fancy, some choose to make bizarre mistakes. These mistakes weigh on them heavily in the future. Result? Frequent re-doing. Sometimes the retail-fit-out mistakes are so prominent. So much so that it impacts the visitor’s shopping experience. In a world where people have a lot of options to go to, the only way to retain your clients is to give them an absolute online/offline shopping experience. And a lively ambience, of course. 

To save you from the unfortunate, here are some elementary retail fit-out mistakes that you must sort right away.

  1. Not Enough Pre-Planning

For people who think their work ends with finding a place to set up their store, Retail fit-out Dubai is all about planning. The journey starts from here. Retail fit-out needs days of proper planning. The cornerstone to a beautiful store that attracts the crowd is pre-planning. This is your very first input to your business. Skipping the planning leads to the last moment realization of the interior malfunctions that cannot be altered. In totally disastrous situations, lack of planning leads to ruining the inventory. 

  1. Threshold Storage 

It seems like enough storage but you never know the uncertainties. What if you need to store extra inventory? Is your retail store and shelves capable of incorporating saviour inventory? Amid the COVID-19 crises, we came to know the importance of stocking the items to fight shortage. Is your retail outlet ready to incorporate immediate supplies?  

  1. Inefficient/Unrealistic Layout 

In the run for fancy, many blueprints come out that are unrealistic or inefficient from an inventory perspective. Remember, the very first priority of the visitor is product quality. However, with the ambience, they apprehend the quality of the inventory in the store. So, both need to be looked upon. Efficient planning of shelves, cash counters, etc lead to a smooth shopping experience. For instance, a bigger cash counter with payments and refunds at the same makes the process easier. Plus the exit just adjacent to the counter renders ease to carry the products to the parking.    

  1. Poor Lighting  

With cut-throat competition in the market, the party that benefits the most is the consumer. With a plethora of options, customers critically apprehend the quality of the products just by the ambience. What looks good, sells good - the law applies to the retail outlets as well. The way to make the products shine and look good is to create enough lighting that directly reflects on the product. Plus, product details are clear with enough lighting. This reduces the chances of the customer being dicey about the purchase.   

What Needs Not To Be Done?    

The article highlights everything that needs not to be done while planning a Retail fit-out Dubai. Your shop is the frontend where people come to purchase and turn into your loyal customers. There goes a lot into planning a fit-out architecture, but it is for a lifetime gain. 


Get Inspired By The Opulent Interiors Of Luxury Middle Eastern Hotels

4 min read

Looking for inspiration for your hotel in Dubai? Well, Dubai is a golden city and people come here to ditch their regular lives and escape into the flamboyance of the country. 

And if you are planning to start a hotel in Dubai, your aim should be to resonate with the country’s flamboyance. The very first step to success is getting the best of Hotel Interior Design Companies in Dubai to work on your project. Rest? Here are some of the contemporary hotels with aristocratic looks and a tinch of their local culture. Read about them or visit them for your next big project. 

Top Middle-Eastern Hotels To Pick Designing Inspiration

Learn from the best. Although, every hotelier aims at creating an exclusive experience that nowhere else is found. Still, there is no harm in looking around and getting inspired by the giants in the hospitality segment. 

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Kempinski, Muscat - Oman 

Kempinski is located in Al Mouj doing complete justice to the grandeur of this hotel. The aesthetic styling of the hotel makes it a magnet to a queue of country admirers. The hotel is drenched in its middle eastern culture which is depicted through the facade drawn from the city’s traditional landscape. The ballroom takes inspiration from the Arabian Lanterns. This luxury hotel is a classic blend of ancient Arabian and contemporary style, exuding the contemporary royalty.

The St. Regis – Abu Dhabi

Continues to be the epitome of stardom and luxury hospitality. The hotel uses warm pallets inspired by the sands souks and traditional middle eastern lifestyle. St. Regis has cosmopolitan interiors leaving an instant mark on the heart of the onlookers.   

Armani – Dubai 

Counted amongst the world’s luxurious hotels, Armani is the flagship of Giorgio Armani. Although the name itself is enough to talk brilliance of the property. Still, the interiors of the hotel are curated to resemble contemporary luxury. Adding to its charm, the hotel is located inside Burj Khalifa.    

Al Bait Sharjah – UAE

Curated by Godwin Austen Johnson, Al Bait Sharjah bears a huge resemblance to the Arabic villas. Adorned with warm colours and a traditional majlis (the gathering spot) that lets us back into the ancient era of the middle east. This 53 room estate is a timeless treasure enhancing the worth of the district it is located in. 

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Dubai

Located in one of the posh locations of Dubai, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah creates a whole new perspective of flamboyance and lavishness. The hotel continues to stun the eyes with its berry red, lapis lazuli blues and endless gold contrasts sharing the pallets slightly from Egyptian aesthetics. You need no guide, the hotel itself tells you a lot of fascinating facts about the middle-eastern history. Also, Burj Al Arab’s first-ever concept made on a piece of napkin. 

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The Palace Downtown – Dubai

Although known as the “old town”, the Palace Downtown is located in the newest district of Dubai. Flaunting its aesthetically pleasing interiors and its proximity to the two most happening places of Dubai - Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa. The hotel is the epitome of minimalist charm and modern lifestyles. The same aura resides within.

Have you been to any of these extravagant premises? These magnificent hotels can keep you awake all night planning to pace with the hospitality stars of the Middle East. Fortunately, you have Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Dubai aiming for nothing less than excellence.  


Designs Tips to Create Amazing Commercial Spaces

3 min read

Designing the interiors of any place can be challenging. If you think that it's a walk in the park especially when it comes to commercial spaces then you might have never seen the true power of interior designing and how much positively it can influence the place. The idea behind designing a commercial space must revolve around a cost-effective, efficient yet able to reflect ever-changing expectations of your potential customers. 

A customer's mind is always moving in thousands of directions and if they find something more appealing or engaging then they will walk over there instead of you. So, designing a mediocre space is not even an option in today's competitive world. That's why consulting experts from the retail fit out solution in Dubai before starting the project is always a better idea. Since, designing of commercial space has become a major part for businesses we thought of sharing the design tips to create amazing commercial spaces. 

Make it Engaging 

Engagement is the key in today's competitive work. On starting with the retail fit out Dubai for your space you need to keep the engagement level of both employees and consumers in your mind. We suggest opting for elements that reflect the business characteristics. It will allow people to get the idea what services you offer without saying a word. Patterns are also found to be engaging as they can help in enhancing the beauty of your commercial interior space. 

Make it Accessible

If you want to develop a design that will help your business reach new heights then you need to make it accessible for anyone. According to the experts from the retail fit out solution in Dubai, creating a space where everyone feels comfy and cared for is key to promoting productivity. 

Keeping it Eco-Friendly

Whether you are designing an office interior or planning a retail fit out Dubai, keeping your place eco-friendly will definitely do wonders for you. It not only helps in increasing productivity among the employees but also makes your space feel welcoming to your customers or clients. This will not only make your space beautiful, but they will also generate green energy that will save you money on utility bills. 

Space out the layout

Creating a multi-purpose design is the winner in today's market. It can help you save a lot of money and also give your employees a lot of space to work on even if you have a small designated area to run your business. We suggest you take your time and be creative with storage units and organization of the workspace. The idea is perfect for small businesses or startups that want to create an ambient and professional space without breaking their bank in the initial stages. 



These are some of the design tips to create an amazing commercial space. However hiring a professional interior design firm is always a better idea as the experts can take your place to a new level with their years of experience. We hope this guide will help you get what you are planning to do.



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Hotel interior design - Dubai

Hotel interior design - Dubai

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