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5 Ways to Change the Look of Your Bathroom

3 min read

Although outdated and new move-ins bathrooms could desperately want a change, but not everyone has the disposal income or time for a remodeling project. Luckily, here are five amazing methods that any renter or homeowner can do to immediately upgrade or update the look of their bathroom without any tension of renovation and construction costs!

Paint the Cabinets and Walls

Occasionally a simple color change can make all the necessary difference in a small area like a bathroom. In case the bathroom cabinets are paintedalready and not discolored, re-painting can immediately make cabinets lookattractive. For bathroom’s walls, a fresh paint coat or a color change can radically change a space without a tension. Semi-gloss type paints that comprise primers are best for bathrooms and few brands just want one-coat program. You can buysufficient paint for your bathroom at reasonable price, as per on the paint quality and brand. Remember that attractive colors can make look of bathrooms more spacious, even as warmer colors will give cozy feel.

Change the Lighting

Talking of bright or cozy ambiences, as per on whatever you like for your bathroom, proper lighting arrangement can play a great role in changing the feel and look of a bathroom. Joinery companies in uae are best in decorating home. If your budget is allowing then you can use their expert services. In case you have glowing lighting, change them out for anything else spectacular like nook lighting. In case you can’t pay for to have new or recess lighting installed, just change the bulbs of your lamp to a small wattage, or also an adaptable wattage. You can evenbuy small offset lamps which look stylish and add a change of light. Also, you may think about installing good looking curtains on windows to add a home-like or cozier feel; or changing them to add more space and natural light.

Change Hanging Towels

Bath towels and hand towels fade after a while, and can look boring or dull. One affordable and fast method to change the complete look of your bathroom is to change your towels. Select a fresh pattern or new color and check rags, hand towels, bath towels and shower curtains for immediate bathroom renovations! It is suggested to you that take help from turnkey interiors Dubai professionals. They can guide you well and give your home a brilliant feel.

Clean or Re-Caulk water-resistant Seals

The water-resistant caulking around sinks and bathtubs can get deteriorate or moldy overtime. Cleaning these areas will giveadditional security next to leaks, and make brighter the appearance of your area. In its place of re-caulking, you can use a good quality bleach scrub-down to completely clean the seals as well as ventilate their look.

Change fixtures of Bathroom

In case you wish to change the washroom’s look to a more up to date feel, justchange the material and attractive fixtures. Things such as showerheads, faucets, towel racks, shower rods,door knobs, sconces, and more can be changed at a lower price in a short time period.