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Make your home more than just a home

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There are some factors that stop people from moving to a new house and fulfill their needs of a bigger house by simply extending the house. The reasons may be having an emotional attachment with the house, shifting problems, difficulty in finding a new place, etc. So some people just prefer to make an extension in their houses rather than buying or constructing a new house.

Price of an extension per square meter:

Home extensions are obviously more economic than getting a new house. It is difficult to tell about the price of an extension in terms of square meters; however a rough idea can be given. If the extension is going to be small, then the price will be higher as compared to the case when the extension is bigger. The price for electrics, plumbing and decoration is calculated together. 

The price also depends upon the quality of work that is required. The local restrictions and location also contribute in controlling the prices for extension. If you want to make your home more than just a home, you should think about its beauty also. Here the services of interior design companies in uae will be best. You can use their services for the beautification of your home.

Planning and budgeting for extensions:

First of all the budget should be estimated. Extensions can either be single storey or two storeys. Depending upon the area to be extended, the budget is estimated. There can be different ways for estimating the budget.

•    Estimates by size: As discussed earlier, the price of the extension can be calculated in meter per square.
•    Individual estimates for an extension: When the individuals of an extension are secured, money can be saved. But it requires a lot of time from you.
•    Full estimates: You can get help from some companies that tell you the calculated estimation of budget.
•    There may be some other ways suggested by the experts in the field.

The money that is to be spent on architect, engineers, building control, electricians, plasterers, retail fit out dubai, plumbers, builder, plaster board, windows, decoration, insulation, roof, etc. should be calculated before starting the work. There are many steps involved when someone plans to extend the house. They include planning, designing, furnishing, etc. and there are pitfalls in each of the steps.

According to the recent research, it can be observed that less number of houses are being bought and sold. This shows that people are not changing their houses and if alterations are required, they just renovate and extend their houses. The reason is that it is more economic, and space is used in a better way. The people can enjoy the same neighborhood that they used to have in their childhood. There are many websites on the internet through which guidance about extending your house can be obtained. People can estimate about the budget roughly while staying at their homes, but it is preferable to contact some experts for suggestions.