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Some Renovation Mistakes that You Should Avoid

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According to a survey it has been found that home renovations market has grown to $53 billion which is a 3.9% increase between 2009 and 2016. However, remodeling projects have not been taken up equally. Still there are a good number of homeowners who believe that they can recoup the amount they have invested in remodeling at the time of resale of the house; however, most of the time this is not the case.

There are some renovations mistakes that can make you regret later. Some of these are:

Never go for the First One:

When you can looking for top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, make sure that you are doing proper research and ask for quotes from different builders. Thereafter dig the surface to make sure that you are choosing the right builder. Do not trust blindly what websites or referrals there has to offer instead conduct criminal, financial and legal background of the builder on personal level. There are organizations that can help you in doing this by charging some fee.

Legal Permit:

The builder who is hesitant in filling forms needed for building permit is not an ideal choice. You must know that any type of remodeling project require a building permit failing which you might need to pay steep fines and even in some case it might lead to the reopening of remodeled walls or ceilings. So do not overlook the importance of permit and choose the builder who is ready to do fulfill all formalities before initiating the remodeling project.

Be Realistic:

It is embarrassing to have your funds finished while the project is in the middle. According to interior designers in Dubai experts, most often you will end up paying more than expected in renovation projects. So, it is wise that you set realistic budget and have some extra amount in hand to meet unexpected expenses. It is ideal to have 10% extra of the total budget you expect to spend on the project. Still, if you are running out of budget, you can think about taking home renovation loan. There are many financial companies that are ready to give you loan if you have a good credit history.

Consider Your Neighbors:

Consider carefully your neighborhood area too when remodeling. It is because if all the houses in the area are under 2,500 sq feet then it won’t be a wise idea to put 1,000 sq feet addition as it might not pay you off when you resale your house.

Be Neutral:

Even if you plan to stay in a house for a very long time then even it is not wise to make it too personal. Having a wine cellar and purple color wall to wall carpeting might not attract the potential buyer and also he might not be interested in paying for the things that he is not interested in. so, it is advised to keep the things neutral so that in future if you have to resale, they buyer will not have to waste his time and money in making it according to his liking.