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Types and stages of the fit out process

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Dynamically developing cities such as Dubai always have lots of office buildings under construction due to the high need for office space. However, there are certain stages of fit-out and differences between fit out projects. Let’s write about what this term exactly means and the difference between the various stages of building an interior all up.

What do we generally call a fit out?

The main target of fit out is, to create a habitable space out of a blank space. It's an all-in-one process which includes interior design, the making of customized furniture, the creation of bathrooms, kitchen, lighting systems and everything that we would need while staying at any given space for a longer amount of time. Let’s see what these terms cover.

Shell and Core fit out:

This is performed right after the base structure is ready and the windows and doors have been installed. It comprises of the base plant a basic structuring, a fitted out reception area, well-divided lobby area, the creation of staircases, toilet spaces, lift shafts, car parking spaces. All in all, it’s a core process which is generally performed by the constructor of the office building.

Category A fit out:

This encompasses a more detailed and personalized fit out that’s either already done or which needs to be done. Most renters prefer to rent offices where Category A fit out is already performed, saving plenty of time and money. Usually, only those companies would perform the Cat. A fit out by themselves, who need their own space extremely personalized or who really wish to rent the office space for over a 10 year period. Category A fit-out includes the following:

    Installing of electricity, heating system

    Personalized space creation: raised floors, suspended ceilings, the creation of galleries etc.


    Installing of blinds

    Installing of meeting boxes, the division of certain office areas, installing of temporary walls usually made out of plasterboards which are easy to install and to modify.

Category B fit out:

This stage is the final stage, which also means the furnishing and application of the final touches. Those who want an overly personalized office would ask for the Category B fit out. This includes the following works:

    Installing of furniture

    Installing of custom-made furniture or joinery

    Wall paintings application of corporate colors, logos, slogans, posters etc.

  Installing of extras, such as workstations, projectors, connecting areas in printing rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms etc.

    The final fitting out of reception and lobby areas

    ICT installation

    Completion of kitchen and eating areas with custom-made furniture

Then, it’s up to the renter if they want additional interior design, joinery, and custom made furniture design along with the application of brand logos or the painting of brand colors on the walls. Check out the best interior design companies offering office fit-out Dubai for more information on their services.