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3 Redesigning Tips to Renovate Your Home on a Shoestring

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A love for elbow greasing and flare for working with hardware tools,makes some people efficient home DIYers. They hone their craft day by day and amaze their guests. Learning home designing techniques and tool uages makes some people sassy DIYers who take home makeovers next level.

Their side projects astound you with the amount of creativity they put into their homes. Your 'interior smarty friend' has spent years refining his art. If home remodeling is not your cup of tea, you might think, a redesigning project as dissection of your own home which is nothing but a waste of your time and energy.

But, the truth is with some expert advice and actionable plan anyone can restructure their home into a modish space featuring the latest trends.

Ready for a home resonate ride on a dime? Follow the 5 simple steps listed below by the experts at interior design companies in Dubai -

1. Creating an Open Space - Most of the homeowners invest such a heavy amount of money in acquiring possessions that removing them feels like a big loss. Over the years we get emotionally attached to the articles lying in our rooms. Seeing them becomes a part of our daily life. Breaking the cycle of gathering home articles and removing the unnecessary items, frees a lot of space. It gives you more open area, making the rooms look bigger. Empty spaces look cleaner; it gives you a peace of mind opposed to a cluttered room that makes it hard for the households to think. The reason, clutter is a source of distraction. It stops you by lying in your way. If you have no extra furniture or decor items in the room, install a mirror on a wall opposite to the windows. The light from the windows will be reflected back in the room, giving an illusion of a wider place.
2. Lightning - Lights are a pivotal element in home designing. You shouldn’t just leave the lightning to the minimum(i.e.ceiling lights). Let your room shine with some extra lightning from a lamp, accent lights, etc. In the dark corners of the living room, place a dangling light above a bean bag or a chair with a console table in the front to create a reading nook. To further improve your living, hang a chandelier in the centre. If you have a staircase, paint bright colours on the stairs to give them some character.

3. Window Panels - The windows are the hotspot for recreation. Leaving your windows bare is pure laziness. A fancy window covers add more fun to a room. Unless your home is facing a beach, mountains or other scenic location, you shouldn’t overlook installing a curtain. For a countryside look the woody mat window blind is the best choice. If you have a home office, choose blinds in muted shades. The best office Interior company in Dubai takes the time to pick the right home accessories to offer you productive home workplaces. When in doubt buy window panels in a shade similar to the paint of your walls, suggest the interior design companies in Dubai.

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