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7 Tips for Making Your Hotel Bedroom More Romantic

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Marriage season has already begin in Dubai. It is time for hotels to spruce up their honeymoon suites. Just married couples from all around the world are looking for a gateway to romance. Nothing attracts guests more than a luxurious bedroom. Love should be in the air of your hotel! Today we are offering tips from used by the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai.

Make your hotel bedroom more romantic with these exclusive tips -

Candles - For creating a sensual atmosphere the guests might want to turn off lights. Putting tea lights across the bed calms you down. The soft lights from the candles is perfect for romanticizing. Using accent candles matching to the colour scheme increases the beauty of the room. Beware when placing the candles. Keep them away from paper, clothes and other things which catch safe.

Fragrance - Turning on the senses can enhance a person’s mood. Though an overused concept in movies, fresh flowers instantly enhance the look of the room. Sweet scents fills the room with positive vibes. It can also become a conversation starter between a couple who hasn’t bonded yet. A cheap alternative is spraying a perfume or room fresher at the side of light bulbs. Slowly the scent will diffuse in the entire room.

Scenic View - The Italian architecture is notoriously known for creating one of the most romantic places. A dreamy view outside the hotel that takes a guest to another world works as a competitive advantage for many hotels. Stylised windows, door and a fascinating ceilings not only improve the room design but also evoke feelings in hearts.

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Decorating the Bed - Bed is the central element of the room.  Spread rose petals in the shape of a heart. You can also use artificial petals. Create a confetti path from the door to the bed. While these things might seem childish the guests will thank you for these small effort. For an ultraluxe set-up, install a canopy on the top of the bed. On the sides of the canopy put sheer curtains matching to the bed. Add more flowers at the top. Tada! You have an astonishingly striking bed. A faux fur bed sheet is another important item for the bedding.
Clutter-Free bed - Unmade bed is a real turn people off. Arrange the pillows, throws, and other linens in artistic manner. At least fold them neatly and place at one side of the bed. Anything that reminds guests of work or a chore can spoil their stay. Remove all the gadget from the room. T.V. is also a distraction for a couple.

Headboard - A majestic headboard is the icing on your bed! Spongy surfaced headboard with intricate lacework give a cosy feel. Luxurious one extend higher giving a fairytale look to the room.

Lightning - As said above dim light sets the tone. Red is associated with love and passion, however, it is too bright for the lights. Avoid installing bright lights. White lights is soothing to eye, it also opens up the space. Light which give out baby pink shine is ideal for the lovebirds.

Quick Tips

  • Use accent pillows on beds.
  • Play light music.
  • Have comfortable roles ready to be worn.
  • Paint the wall in lighter shades.

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