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Brighten Up Your Hallway With These Lighting Styles

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Lighting is a very important part of interior decor and sometimes people don’t realise it's worth. To make your home or office more welcoming and bright, you need to make the indoor spaces well lit. One of the spaces which needs to be lighted up is the ‘hallway’ which is so narrow. You can choose the best retail fit out solution in Dubai out of so many top 10 interior design companies in Dubai

It is really tricky to light up the smaller spaces and therefore you just can’t simply place a certain kind of light in this area. The wrong kind of lighting in the hallway of your home of office can make it feel claustrophobic and too confined. So, the right thing you can do is thoroughly and brightly lighting up the hallway. Keep the walkways clean and opt for mounted lighting throughout your hallway. Place lights strategically and just don’t place a lamp here. 

Choosing certain types of lighting might be hard but there are still plenty of good options available. The style of lighting can drastically affect the feel and look of your hallway. We have penned down this blog with a list of different styles of lighting to amp up the beauty of this space in your home. 

Choosing your lighting

Most hallways are not designed wide enough to allow more than 2-3 single people to move through them comfortably. You are actually very lucky if your hallway is wide enough to even shift a table. With options like wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting you cannot only keep the walkways open but can still turn your hallway in a warm and welcoming blaze.


Give your hallways a statement look by opting for ‘Pendant Lighting’. You just have to find the perfect one for your home that is really eye catchy. Hang it to the ceiling and transform your hallway into your favourite space.


Sconce lighting is best for wider hallways and any of the best top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, can provide you with this ample lighting style. This hallway lighting style gets you rid of the need to change the bulb. 


If you are looking for a convenient and effective way to light up your hallways, then opt for ‘Can Lighting’. This style of lighting works with virtually any home style. 


Ideal for industrial and contemporary spaces, track lighting, give your hallway an architectural feel.


How about asking your best retail fit out solution in Dubai to mix and match lighting to bring the attention towards this area.

How To Place Hallway Lights?

Now that you’ve chosen your light style, here are a few quick and easy tips to help:

  • Place lights every eight feet to avoid the suffocating feeling. If you have opted for smaller lights with lower-voltage bulbs, then there should be more of them in number.
  • Place the lights close to either end to draw the eye down the hallway.
  • In case of sconces lighting, place them high on the wall to make the space look spacious. 
  • Check any sort of dark spot at both ends of the hall and make sure the light stays consistent. It should not dip in brightness between light fixtures. 

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, you will definitely light your hallway like a total genius. In fact, your guests will also notice your efforts.