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Get Inspired By The Opulent Interiors Of Luxury Middle Eastern Hotels

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Looking for inspiration for your hotel in Dubai? Well, Dubai is a golden city and people come here to ditch their regular lives and escape into the flamboyance of the country. 

And if you are planning to start a hotel in Dubai, your aim should be to resonate with the country’s flamboyance. The very first step to success is getting the best of Hotel Interior Design Companies in Dubai to work on your project. Rest? Here are some of the contemporary hotels with aristocratic looks and a tinch of their local culture. Read about them or visit them for your next big project. 

Top Middle-Eastern Hotels To Pick Designing Inspiration

Learn from the best. Although, every hotelier aims at creating an exclusive experience that nowhere else is found. Still, there is no harm in looking around and getting inspired by the giants in the hospitality segment. 

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Kempinski, Muscat - Oman 

Kempinski is located in Al Mouj doing complete justice to the grandeur of this hotel. The aesthetic styling of the hotel makes it a magnet to a queue of country admirers. The hotel is drenched in its middle eastern culture which is depicted through the facade drawn from the city’s traditional landscape. The ballroom takes inspiration from the Arabian Lanterns. This luxury hotel is a classic blend of ancient Arabian and contemporary style, exuding the contemporary royalty.

The St. Regis – Abu Dhabi

Continues to be the epitome of stardom and luxury hospitality. The hotel uses warm pallets inspired by the sands souks and traditional middle eastern lifestyle. St. Regis has cosmopolitan interiors leaving an instant mark on the heart of the onlookers.   

Armani – Dubai 

Counted amongst the world’s luxurious hotels, Armani is the flagship of Giorgio Armani. Although the name itself is enough to talk brilliance of the property. Still, the interiors of the hotel are curated to resemble contemporary luxury. Adding to its charm, the hotel is located inside Burj Khalifa.    

Al Bait Sharjah – UAE

Curated by Godwin Austen Johnson, Al Bait Sharjah bears a huge resemblance to the Arabic villas. Adorned with warm colours and a traditional majlis (the gathering spot) that lets us back into the ancient era of the middle east. This 53 room estate is a timeless treasure enhancing the worth of the district it is located in. 

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Dubai

Located in one of the posh locations of Dubai, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah creates a whole new perspective of flamboyance and lavishness. The hotel continues to stun the eyes with its berry red, lapis lazuli blues and endless gold contrasts sharing the pallets slightly from Egyptian aesthetics. You need no guide, the hotel itself tells you a lot of fascinating facts about the middle-eastern history. Also, Burj Al Arab’s first-ever concept made on a piece of napkin. 

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The Palace Downtown – Dubai

Although known as the “old town”, the Palace Downtown is located in the newest district of Dubai. Flaunting its aesthetically pleasing interiors and its proximity to the two most happening places of Dubai - Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa. The hotel is the epitome of minimalist charm and modern lifestyles. The same aura resides within.

Have you been to any of these extravagant premises? These magnificent hotels can keep you awake all night planning to pace with the hospitality stars of the Middle East. Fortunately, you have Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Dubai aiming for nothing less than excellence.