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Planning Your Office Furniture? Keep These Key Furniture Pieces On The List

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Do you know that on average, a working individual spends almost one-fifth of his life’s span at his workplace? Well if that’s the case, don’t you think his office should make him feel at home? Shouldn’t the environment and ergonomics not only help boost his productivity but allow him to relax and enjoy his office time? Questions like these and more often hover in your mind, when you’re setting up your office. Being a provider of office fit out solution in Dubai, we too come across these queries while designing office spaces for our clients. 

Clients often talk a lot about what interiors they desire, but choosing the right furniture is often the last point in their checklist, usually ticked out in the final moment. But we know the importance of installing the right office furniture, which is why we have made a list of the key pieces in this article. Read on to know.

Essential Furniture Pieces For Your Office Space

Chairs & Desks

No matter what your office structure is, basic furniture like desks and chairs shall always be on the list. So without wasting any time, start thinking about what kind of chairs do you need. When it comes to choosing chairs, two things, comfort, and ergonomics must be in your remind. Of course, since you’ll be spending the majority of your time on them, your experience should be pleasant and not painful. Find chairs that contain a backrest, adjustable seat height, headrest (optional), and stability. 

Similarly consider the ergonomics and the job needs of the employees, while choosing the desks. 

Meeting Room Desk

A meeting room should be such that lets you conveniently and effectively conduct meet-ups, interact with the team, and deal with clients. What it requires is a large desk or table with a sufficient number of chairs for the proper conduction of meetings. Even at times if there is more than the usual number of attendants, there should be spare furniture to accommodate them. 

Rest Space/Lounge Furniture

Lounge areas or rest spaces are those where employees seek relaxation or a cheery chat to revive on a long day of work. You can incorporate comfy couches, coffee tables chairs, bookshelves, and a TV, or PlayStation in such spaces. This will help them rejuvenate and build friendly connections in the office. 

Spaces For Storage

And of course the storage. Modern-day offices require fewer storage requirements as most of the data is stored on cloud servers. However, you still need minimum storage to save your printed documents, stationery stock, etc. Hence, look for small storage, that is either a part of the desk or can be located in areas distant from the work area. 

Seating At Eating

If you have a cafeteria, then, of course, it should have furniture. Nothing out of the box, all you have to essentially place is some tables and chairs so that they can sit comfortably and eat their meals. 

Wrapping Up

S3T Koncepts is among the leading joinery companies in UAE that provide both consultancy and manufacturing for customized furniture, windows, and doors for clients worldwide. Get in touch with us today for your requirements.