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Top 6 Retail Fit-Out Trends That Will Rule 2022 (Post-COVID Era)

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The segment that suffered the most is the brick and motor segment. We can't even imagine the loss this particular segment bore because of the COVID-19 outbreak followed by the worldwide lockdown. It was indeed a black time for the entire retail segment. Well, bygones are bygones. The good news is retail segment is reviving again with the aspiration to exponentially grow. Believe it or not, the major part of this is retail fit-out Dubai

Most of the fit-out trends revolve around the ultimate goal of enhancing the shopping experience. Here are some recent retail fit-out trends, adopted by businesses to increase sales through physical outlets. 

Top Retail Fit-Out Trends Ruling In 2022 (Post-COVID) 


Brick and motor stores are now turning their heads to technology to optimize the store processes for a better shopping experience. The stats say, more than 90% of the shoppers will shop from a store that makes the process easy going through technology. May it be check-outs, on-floor assistance, personalization, entertainment etc.  

Personalized Shopping Experience

With cut-throat competition in the market, what do you think holds customers to their favourite shops? Its personalization. Even a good morning/afternoon greeting works wonders. Valuing customer reviews, suggesting them in-store items based on their preferences, loyalty bonuses, discounts, etc. There is a lot a retail store can do to celebrate each of their clients, that later pays off to them. 

Sustainability Is Flourishing

We live in a digital era where everyone is aware and even fascinated with the idea of stores that respond well to environmental issues (through interiors and other processes). Today, consumers personally relate to the brands that serve a bigger purpose. Even the elite Interior Design Companies in UAE are helping you in this journey. 

Omni Channel Shopping Experience

Though it was existent before COVID-19, the trend became immensely popular after the world experienced a halt. The omnichannel shopping experience includes cashless transactions through QR codes, checking for availability on the brand’s application, paying, enabling customers to have pick-up points and more. 

Storytelling Is Important 

What is the way to win hearts? It is through creating a strong brand persona to relate with your audience on a personal level. From logo to interior designing, the functionality of the store and its user experience all should speak in a similar tone. It is important to tell a story through consistent branding. For instance, everything in a store shop hails sports, exuding an enthusiastic feel and sudden activeness. 

Is Your Store Photogenic?  

Yes, it matters…  

In this Instagram era, every retail and hospitality business strives to introduce something different - through their exclusive designs. None like theirs could be found anywhere else. It certainly requires out of box thinking from your interior designer. 

Finding The Solution? Checkout  

S3T Koncepts, keeping its position amongst the most efficient Interior Design Companies in UAE brings to the table a lot of innovative designing ideas through which you can enhance your user experience within the store. Well-versed with the recent trends in designing and technology, the company believes in amalgamating both to create a never-ending charm for your brick and motor retail outlet.