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Important Elements Involved In the Process of Interior Design

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From beginning to end, there are more than a few important phases involved in the designing process of an area. An expert interior designer utilizes their experience and expertise to analytically follow all the main phases to complete the project on given time and within decided budget. Here are some essential stages to be followed whilst doing work on any designing project:

Concept Development:

In the concept development stage, the thoughts are laid out in the type of sketches. The idea in mind is demonstrated with the assistance of basic website plans, rough sections, simple elevations and floor-plans. Whilst preparing the concept, making codes as well as requirements of zoning are also noticed. The sketches even comprise dimensions to get an estimated project’s cost estimation. This stage is marked to iterations as the design must meet the vision of client and spatial workplace’s requirements. Later than, recurrent meetings with customer and revisions, a design are decided. If you want to make all things perfect then you should take help from interiors design Dubai, as they are best in their field.


Throughout this phase, the customer brief is collected, including their needs, time frame and budget for the project. After knowing the brief of clients, the spatial needs of different office facilities, together with reception, workstation, conference room, cafeteria and some other spaces are examined. The designer wants to think about different factors, together with the number of tenants in the space, general intention of the space and even the needs of fixtures, furnishing, HVAC and lighting for each specific area. Whilst requirement to design a place of work that meets expectations of clients and functional space aspects, the Turnkey interiors Dubai performs robust investigation, frequent website visits and surveys.

Design Development:

The proper design which is finalized in the idea of development phase is further formed in this phase. The sections, floor plans, and elevations are formed with precise dimensions. More notably, added details, together with doors and windows location, material, color, selection of finishes, furniture, etc are even included in the process of design. The concluding design is then offered to the customer and their support is taken.

Construction Documentation:

It is a precondition set of documents which comprises all details of the design with suitable specifications that are very important in executing any project of interior design. Whilst getting ready documentation of construction, the synchronization of different restraints, together with, electrical, mechanical, architectural, structural, lighting, etc are continually confirmed for collision. The documents of construction inclusive of all specifications and drawings are accepted by the customer and the structure cost is estimated.


On the construction documents basis, the workplace’s construction begins. Whilst the creation moves on, the professional interior designer wants to visit the website for regular supervision. He wants to modest that the construction taking position on the website is in observance with the design plan in the set of construction paper. Under their administration, the project is finished.

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