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Imagine you are sitting in a chair that doesn’t feel comfortable with a bright light just above your head. It’s definitely a setup you will abhor, similarity will your future employees. Little tweaks in your office design can drastically improve the working experience of your team. If you are in the planning & development phase of workplace interior the best office interior company in Dubai can be of great help.


Here are some office interior design tips to improve productivity at workplaces -

1. Unique Meeting Area

The senior employees in middle & large-size companies spend almost half of their time in the meeting rooms; discussing the client pitches, strategy for new projects and planning the workflow. Thus, the look and feel of the meeting room can create more opportunities for innovations.

Instead of having a boring meeting space with a huge square table and high-back chairs, have a setting that's completely unusual. Install standing chairs with a round table. It is scientifically proven that a circular table leads to flowing more creative juices. It will also reduce the time taken in setting down.

2. Stagnancy is a Big No!

Most of the employees spend at least 8 or more hours in the office. Sticking your but to the seat for the entire duration can hamper the creative juices from flowing. To keep the employees motivated, reducing inactivity is imperative. The flexibility to move a little can increase employee morale. Fueling motivation is what you need to reduce pressure in an office.

3. Community Board

So, what’s happening in your company? The community board is a big tool to bring achievements of your organization to light. You can imply the work ethics, appreciate resourceful employees and add more color to the hectic schedule. Choose a broad that blends with the color of your accent wall and at the same time have some connection to the office’s own identity.

At one point or the other, the employees are likely to feel lost, lazy or even dejected. The community board can give them a direction and vision of who they should be at work. It’s a mild way to remind them of the responsibilities and duties. Sounds too complex? The office fit out solution in Dubai hold complete expertise in implementing these tips.

4. The Walls

You might not know the immense amount of time employees spend looking at the wall. It is the first thing they see when entering an office. The color, windows, and curtain can subconsciously impact how they feel. White is a prime choice of most of the office fit out solution in Dubai. When an employee’s role requires a lot of mind work such as careful data analysis, comparing and contrasting feature, blue is the right choice. Dark color like red and orange are recommended to fill energy.

5. Lightning

Needless to say without proper lighting your employees might fall asleep. Light placement can save your bills by eliminating extra power consumption. It also reduces glare from the monitor.
Combat lethargy with energy-efficient light work structured by the best office interior company in Dubai.

6. Furniture

Bulky furniture that takes up the majority of the empty space can make an office look cluttered. Stop buying furniture which has no utility. The huge luxurious workstation is of no use if you are a startup. You will need the furniture in the long run so choose wisely.

But chairs with adjustable height and ergonomic backing to cut on the back pain.

Conclusion - The small improvement in an office design can create a better environment for the employees. The above-mentioned are some tips suggested by the best office interior company in Dubai for designing a more productive workplace.

Author Bio - The author is an interior designer who works as an expert at the best office interior company in Dubai. He has professional training in planning interiors for workplaces.

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Brighten Up Your Hallway With These Lighting Styles

3 min read

Lighting is a very important part of interior decor and sometimes people don’t realise it's worth. To make your home or office more welcoming and bright, you need to make the indoor spaces well lit. One of the spaces which needs to be lighted up is the ‘hallway’ which is so narrow. You can choose the best retail fit out solution in Dubai out of so many top 10 interior design companies in Dubai

It is really tricky to light up the smaller spaces and therefore you just can’t simply place a certain kind of light in this area. The wrong kind of lighting in the hallway of your home of office can make it feel claustrophobic and too confined. So, the right thing you can do is thoroughly and brightly lighting up the hallway. Keep the walkways clean and opt for mounted lighting throughout your hallway. Place lights strategically and just don’t place a lamp here. 

Choosing certain types of lighting might be hard but there are still plenty of good options available. The style of lighting can drastically affect the feel and look of your hallway. We have penned down this blog with a list of different styles of lighting to amp up the beauty of this space in your home. 

Choosing your lighting

Most hallways are not designed wide enough to allow more than 2-3 single people to move through them comfortably. You are actually very lucky if your hallway is wide enough to even shift a table. With options like wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting you cannot only keep the walkways open but can still turn your hallway in a warm and welcoming blaze.


Give your hallways a statement look by opting for ‘Pendant Lighting’. You just have to find the perfect one for your home that is really eye catchy. Hang it to the ceiling and transform your hallway into your favourite space.


Sconce lighting is best for wider hallways and any of the best top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, can provide you with this ample lighting style. This hallway lighting style gets you rid of the need to change the bulb. 


If you are looking for a convenient and effective way to light up your hallways, then opt for ‘Can Lighting’. This style of lighting works with virtually any home style. 


Ideal for industrial and contemporary spaces, track lighting, give your hallway an architectural feel.


How about asking your best retail fit out solution in Dubai to mix and match lighting to bring the attention towards this area.

How To Place Hallway Lights?

Now that you’ve chosen your light style, here are a few quick and easy tips to help:

  • Place lights every eight feet to avoid the suffocating feeling. If you have opted for smaller lights with lower-voltage bulbs, then there should be more of them in number.
  • Place the lights close to either end to draw the eye down the hallway.
  • In case of sconces lighting, place them high on the wall to make the space look spacious. 
  • Check any sort of dark spot at both ends of the hall and make sure the light stays consistent. It should not dip in brightness between light fixtures. 

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, you will definitely light your hallway like a total genius. In fact, your guests will also notice your efforts.


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3 Redesigning Tips to Renovate Your Home on a Shoestring

3 min read

A love for elbow greasing and flare for working with hardware tools,makes some people efficient home DIYers. They hone their craft day by day and amaze their guests. Learning home designing techniques and tool uages makes some people sassy DIYers who take home makeovers next level.

Their side projects astound you with the amount of creativity they put into their homes. Your 'interior smarty friend' has spent years refining his art. If home remodeling is not your cup of tea, you might think, a redesigning project as dissection of your own home which is nothing but a waste of your time and energy.

But, the truth is with some expert advice and actionable plan anyone can restructure their home into a modish space featuring the latest trends.

Ready for a home resonate ride on a dime? Follow the 5 simple steps listed below by the experts at interior design companies in Dubai -

1. Creating an Open Space - Most of the homeowners invest such a heavy amount of money in acquiring possessions that removing them feels like a big loss. Over the years we get emotionally attached to the articles lying in our rooms. Seeing them becomes a part of our daily life. Breaking the cycle of gathering home articles and removing the unnecessary items, frees a lot of space. It gives you more open area, making the rooms look bigger. Empty spaces look cleaner; it gives you a peace of mind opposed to a cluttered room that makes it hard for the households to think. The reason, clutter is a source of distraction. It stops you by lying in your way. If you have no extra furniture or decor items in the room, install a mirror on a wall opposite to the windows. The light from the windows will be reflected back in the room, giving an illusion of a wider place.
2. Lightning - Lights are a pivotal element in home designing. You shouldn’t just leave the lightning to the minimum(i.e.ceiling lights). Let your room shine with some extra lightning from a lamp, accent lights, etc. In the dark corners of the living room, place a dangling light above a bean bag or a chair with a console table in the front to create a reading nook. To further improve your living, hang a chandelier in the centre. If you have a staircase, paint bright colours on the stairs to give them some character.

3. Window Panels - The windows are the hotspot for recreation. Leaving your windows bare is pure laziness. A fancy window covers add more fun to a room. Unless your home is facing a beach, mountains or other scenic location, you shouldn’t overlook installing a curtain. For a countryside look the woody mat window blind is the best choice. If you have a home office, choose blinds in muted shades. The best office Interior company in Dubai takes the time to pick the right home accessories to offer you productive home workplaces. When in doubt buy window panels in a shade similar to the paint of your walls, suggest the interior design companies in Dubai.

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